Every Recommendation Counts

Zürich, Switzerland

We want to contribute to a world in which sustainability unites. So that we can change together.

For this purpose, we appreciate every recommendation about Swiss producers, small businesses, associations or initiatives that offer ecologically and socially meaningful products and services.

Would you like to recommend your favourite vegan coffee, the organic greengrocer around the corner, your valued naturopathy practice or a new educational project on GreenPick?

We appreciate every recommendation at: www.GreenPick.app

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Sustainable and Ethical Shopping Made Easy 💚📲

Nivens Verein
Nivens Verein Zürich, CH

Project Overview

Would you also love to know which companies and organizations act local and produce in a sustainable and meaningful way? The challenge: The label jungle is dense. The flood of information on search engines is overwhelming. And outside of supermarkets, it costs conscious consumers a lot of time to find alternatives for all needs of life 🏘️🚲🏕️ - We want to change that together with GreenPick and your support! 🤸

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