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Dear friends and acquaintances

Maybe some of you had the opportunity to see my special Switzers exhibition in Zurich, this summer.

The reactions to it were impressive and therefore gave me the drive to continue. Now it's all about a 400-page book in large format.
Yes - of course something like this costs money, funds we still have to generate. The production and printing costs thus amount to a total of CHF 68'000.-

The Switzer's Book will be a very elaborate production, involving all 195 protagonists concerned. The result however will be a fabulously beautiful and exciting book.

Raising the funds will be done at different levels.
The printing costs alone amount to CHF 18'500.- a sum we hope to be able to collect through crowdfunding. You probably know yourself how difficult it is to ask friends for financial support. But for me there is no way around it if this book project is to become reality:
the Switzers’ team and I want to make it!


A 400-page book displays photos of our fellow citizens from the 195 nations that are represented in Switzerland today. The camera zooms in as close as possible to the portrayed individuals. Their eyes and their expressions are meant to reflect their handwritten personal stories and the statements on the right-hand page of the book. It will be an extraordinary book with life stories, texts of all kinds, illustrations, pictures, collages, drawings, paintings, travel tips and even some exotic recipes. The German and French translations of the texts will always be added on the lower part of the page. The forms chosen for the self-portrayals have been left to each of them, as long as they are personal and authentic. However, with regard to their formality and graphic depiction, they are all subject to one clear concept.
Today, Switzerland counts eight million inhabitants of which two million are migrants from 195 nations. Their knowledge and their culture enrich our country. They open up exciting and exotic worlds for us and thus create a vivid connection between Switzerland and the world. Viewers of Switzers have 195 possibilities to see and to read what people from all around the world, who live in Switzerland, have to say about their new home. They too form an important part of Swiss identity. Because identity is constantly in motion and continuously redefined by all who are part of a society. Prerequisites for identifying this process are openness, mutual respect and tolerance. Switzers wants to open up and expand the perspective on Swiss identity. The Switzers project broaches the issue of mankind’s unity in joy and suffering, hope and expectation, longing and homesickness. The Switzers exhibition reflects the actual state and should offer a neutral platform for debates that might be relevant to tomorrow's major decisions.
As a part of the Zurich Summer Festival “AUFSEHEN! “ which lasted from June 30 to September 6th 2015, the largest open-air photo exhibition ever shown in Switzerland took place in the heart of Zurich. Starting in the huge entrance hall of Zurich’s main station, then on and up to the Europa-Allee, all 195 portraits and 35 statements of the protagonists were shown. During two months, 470’ 000 people saw this exceptional exhibition day after day, with portraits up to 9 meters high.
As of January 2016, Switzers the NATION WALK will travel from city to city.

As of January 2016, completed by German, French and English texts, each of the 195 portraits will be printed in large formats (approx. 180 x 130 cm), then mounted on aluminium and embedded in a solid frame. The 195 large-scale portraits will be set up at intervals of 2 metres, spanning a total distance of 200 metres to form an impressive installation.
The NATION WALK will make the enormous diversity of cultures and inspiration visible and perceptible to our country. As a mobile event, the NATION WALK is able to travel from city to city. The 195 pairs of eyes are eye catchers. They tell their stories to interested visitors and passers-by in parks, in pedestrian zones or in shopping centres – stories worth seeing.
The photo shootings: some impressions
Responsibility and production

Switzers is a social project conceived by Absolutturnus Film AG, a company which has been realising audio-visual productions since 23 years, including advertising, corporate, documentary and feature films. Experienced personalities who have already won a number of international awards participated and were involved in the Switzers project.

The production team
Reiner Roduner Conception, direction, production, film/photography
Paul Riniker Documentary and feature film director
Roland Schmid Cameraman and photographer
Bea Petri Make-up artist and businesswoman
Kim Petri Make-up artist

Reiner Roduner
M +41 79 601 9530
T +41 44 368 3468

Gosia Kaminska
Production and editorial management
M +41 78 966 3860
T +41 44 368 3468
Reiner Roduner
Reiner Roduner
Zürich, CH
Design, Director, Producer, Film/Photography

I realize and produce films with great passion since 1990. Over the years, photography and related projects have also become the focus of my interest. Switzers is such a - non profit - project I have been working on for almost three years now, with all my heart and soul.

The Switzers team are committed to openness, mutual respect and tolerance. Switzers wants to open up and expand the perspective on Swiss identity.

Paul  Riniker
Paul Riniker
Documentary and Feature Film Director
Roland  Schmid
Roland Schmid
Cameraman and Photographer
Bea  Petri
Bea Petri
Make-up Artist and Manager
Kim  Petri
Kim Petri
Make-up Artist
Gosia Kaminska
Gosia Kaminska
Production and editorial management

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