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the next big thing

the third album of mellowtone!

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matthias haymoz

+++ news +++ news +++ news +++

dear booster

suddenly it's going fast! we have news on several fronts:

> the long search for a label was worth it – we're proud and full of anticipation that we'll publish our latest work through «ambulance recordings» (! there is no release date yet, but:

> we have a date for the release of the first single! on june 21, «hurt from trust» will be available everywhere, and of course you will be able to hear the song first.

> but not just because of that should you mark june 21 red in your agenda: it's also the date of our first concert in two years! we'll play at the «fête de la musique» in fribourg, at 9.45 pm on the open-air stage in front of the cyclo café, with some of the new songs ready!

and very soon more news will follow ...

have a great spring and see you soon,
matthias haymoz

yes, we're still here!

dear booster

no, we haven't forgotten you! as we announced in the last newsletter, we are currently looking for a label that publishes and promotes our album. first talks have taken place, however, nothing is signed, so we have to ask you for some patience.

of course you will hear from us again as soon as something becomes concrete. thank you for your understanding and see you soon!

best regards,
yes, we're still here!
matthias haymoz

it's done!

dear booster

we’re incredibly proud to announce that our newest album is mixed and mastered! the next step is to give all the songs and the album a name and start looking for a label to help us with promotion and / or a tour.

another big step towards the release is done! of course we’ll keep you up to date.

until next time!
the mellowtones
it's done!
matthias haymoz

version 1.0, done!

dear booster

our third album is approaching fast! all the recordings are done and all the songs mixed, now it's all about perfecting them. we'll keep you posted, thanks for your patience!

kind regards
martina, beat, mirco, ives, matthias
matthias haymoz

we did it!

sixthousandsevenhundredeightytwo times THANK YOU!

thank you all so so much for your great support! we'll contact each of you personally within the next couple of days – and of course keep you posted about the development of our new album!
matthias haymoz

only 13 days left!

dear booster, thank you so much for your support, you're the best!

as our crowdfunding project only runs for 30 days, we are approaching the end very fast – only 13 days left! and the rules of the game are that if we don't finance our project to at least 100%, then we get nothing :(

so motivate your friends, family, colleagues to look at the video on our project page. who knows, if we get lucky they might like it :)

thank you all for your great support, without you all this wouldn't be possible!

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