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Tamara Meili
Tamara Meili Kilchberg, CH
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Phenduka is the Zulu word for "turnaround". The Phenduka Literacy Project is committed to improving the learning and teaching of literacy and mathematics at Middle School level in four of the primary schools in the township of Alexandra, in Johannesburg. It does this through the diagnostic testing and remedial teaching of Grade 7 students at the schools served, and through the running of workshops to improve the proficiency and effectiveness of teachers in developing literacy and mathematics skills. The choice of Middle School level for intervention is to ensure that learners do not enter High School with literacy and mathematics levels inadequate for learning.
We transport those children that need help from Alexandra, which is a disadvantaged place to our venue in a nearby suburb, which is better and more encouraging. Your donation will help us pay for school taxis to give these children access to our programme. With your help, we will be able to pay the school taxi for the next 12 months.
Tamara Meili
Tamara Meili
Kilchberg, CH
Volunteer at Phenduka Literacy Trust in Johannesburg, South Africa

I'm a volunteer at Phenduka Literacy Trust in Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm originally from Zurich, Switzerland. I'm here in Johannesburg to help the team of Phenduka to create a communication concept, which includes newsletters, social media and now crowdfunding. Phenduka is a NPO who helps grade 7 kids in reading, writing and maths.


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