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Projet TUK-TUK Transport

Access to School for vulnerable Childrens

Julie Kuffer & Marine Mazeron
Julie Kuffer & Marine Mazeron Morges, CH
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950 CHF
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Safe access to school and education for the young children of the orphanage for one semester, 6 months.

We work closely with an orphanage that has great problems with access to education and school for young children.
In Phnom Phen, Cambodia, the trip to school is one of all the dangers, especially for younger children. Traffic is a serious problem and walking to school is a danger for the young children, restraining them from having access to the school and to education.
This is why Sign4change wants to provide the children a safe journey by covering the costs associated for the use of:

For the children to have access to education and to be able to go to school safely. The costs associated with a Tuk-Tuk are $ 150 per month for the driver, fuel and maintenance of the tuk-tuk.

To ensure the safety of children and improve their lives, please take part in the project Tuk-Tuk and thanks a lot for helping the children of this orphanage to have access to the school and education, acquire the tools and knowledge for a better future.
Julie Kuffer & Marine Mazeron
Julie Kuffer & Marine Mazeron
Morges, CH
President and General Secretary Sign4Change Non-Profit

Comity Member, General Secretary and President of Sign4Change.

Marine Mazeron


Julie Kuffer


social and humanitarian development, awareness and education; sustainable development assistance to needy and vulnerable populations; Supporting the development of social responsibility projects of companies and / or foundations; Becoming a full participant in education and awareness regarding respect for human rights; Provide expertise and analysis of existing projects and developing.

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