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Support the Youth Wind Orchestra Worb

Severin Meyer
Severin Meyer Ostermundigen, CH
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Our set of percussion instrument which we purchased over the last decade has been under heavy use. It shows severe signs of wear and tear and will soon need a partial replacement. But to do so we need generous donors which support us in our cause.

There are many different percussion instruments that see themselves gaining more importance in today’s music. So if we want to continue performing music on a high level and give kids and teenagers in the area the possibility to gain valuable experience we need financial support. If you think we deserve it we ask you kindly to donate to our club. Even a small amount will serve us a lot.
We are a highly motivated youth wind orchestra with over 50 young members that has been giving kids and teenagers the opportunity to share the love for music for over 50 years now. But to assure our future existence we need financial support to replace aging instruments.

Since our foundation 50 years ago have we been offering kids and teenagers an opportunity to play an instrument and further supporting them to share our enthusiasm for music. It all started out with a small community band that started out with about 20 members only from the local town. But over the years our orchestra has steadily increased in size and also attracted members to join from further away. Today we count 50 members from the age of 12 to 22 living in different towns all over the region of Bern coming to rehearsal once a week. We are led by our proficient director Martin Schranz who graduated with a degree in wind orchestra conducting. Each semester he puts together a nice but challenging set of pieces which we perform on several occasions; namely our Christmas and May concerts along with interregional competitions which we take part in.
It is our matter of concern to create an environment for kids and teenagers where they can get engaged in music and share their passion with same minded to push each other to play even better.

For that we are still capable of offering kids the right environment to train their musical skills and perform at a high standard we are reliant on your support.

If you would like to have some additional information about our wind orchestra, our conductor or our projects, you can visit our homepage or write to us at

We kindly thank you for your support.
Severin Meyer
Severin Meyer
Ostermundigen, CH
Sekretär Worber Jugendblasorchester / Student

„Jung, motiviert und ambitioniert – wir betreiben aktive Jugendförderung und spornen uns gegenseitig zu Höchstleistungen an!“

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