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Center for Consciousness, Development and Cultur


Heinz Robert
Li Isings
Barblin Focke
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OpenMindCenter is the house für Consciousness, Development and Culture in the heart of Zurich. It stands for the culture of change and is a place for co-creation and community, being and meeting for openminded people, young explorers and Cultural-Creatives. The heart of the house is a Co-Working space as a future-lab for Start-Ups and innovative Entrepreneurs, a big hall for regular events, and a City-Lounge with a Café as meeting place, with a little shop. More rooms in various sizes offer space for workshops, Coaching, Meditation, Yoga and other movement techniques.

The investment-phase has started. We are focusing our engagement on a building we found in a central place in Zurich, where from April 2014 four floors will be available. The calculations for the rent will come in around end of June. We need a lot of financial resources and the Crowdfunding is just a start for it.

To start the establishment of the company, pay a small salary to the leading team and as depot for the rent, we are looking for small and bigger donations and we will give you some goodies in exchange. Some of the team members have still some income from other jobs. All the raised money will be hold on an account at the Swiss Alternative Bank and will be set free as we need it.
Heinz Robert
Heinz Robert
Zürich, CH
Projekt Coordinator

Initiator and Vision-Holder of the OpenMindCenter Zurich

Li Isings
Li Isings
Chief Financial Officer; Stellvertretender Projektleiter, Finanzchef und zuständig für Investors-Relationship
Barblin Focke
Barblin Focke
Chief Movement Officer; Visionsgeburtshelferin und Bewegungs-Expertin

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