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Moving Chicken Run

from Kronenwiese to Niklausstrasse

Verein Hühnerhof
Verein Hühnerhof Zürich, CH
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Our hens have to move as their run is turned into a human settelment. Grün Stadt Zürich has found a new place for them and donated a fence. Thank you very much! Now we have to turn the fallow into a meadow, put up a new shed and construct a roof protecting the animals from rain and sun. The finfteen-year-old house has to be renovated and fitted out to meet the chickens' needs. That's what we are trying to finance.

The association "Verein Hühnerhof" has been keeping chicken on the Kronenwiese in the middle of the city of Zürich for more than fifteen years. A dozen beautiful hens live to a ripe old age in a carefully designed house with a wide space to move about. Their enclosure is a pleasent point of interest to many – families with small children on their way to the playground as well as senior citizens living in nearby homes. The hens teach us, where eggs come from and how it works to live in a flock. May our hens live happily at Niklausstrasse ever after the end of April!
Verein Hühnerhof
Verein Hühnerhof
Zürich, CH
moving to Niklausstrasse, Kreis 6

The association "Verein Hühnerhof" counts about thirty members. Active members look after the chicken. The committee consists of two co-presidents, a treasurer and a secretary. Honorary members made an outstanding contribution to our cause, which is to provide a place for people living here and elsewhere to stop for a while and observe the birds.

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