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Luca Q. Martini
Anna Mykhnyuk
Raffaela Quaiotti
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The Pyramid bags are designed with an innovative design and application of original artworks ​of Luca Martini fashion house artistic director. Designed in Switzerland and produced by the LM company tailor shop in Italy, they have been designed to be compact, elegant, but also with a sporty component...

The production of our bags starts with the raw materials, which have been chosen to satisfy the customers sensitive to respect for nature and animals; to make these bags, we do not use animal skins, but only certified fabrics, recycled polymers, aluminium, and synthetic yarns from the differentiated waste collection. In short, Rdress Pyramid Bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable!

The ethical production chain is in Italy, with regularly paid artisans, and affiliated to our headquarters in Switzerland, through exclusive licence agreements, for the production of these accessories. Every phase of the handicraft production is checked at sight by our manager and designer.
Each bag is checked and approved by the indelible signature, present in the bottom of the bag; in this way, we guarantee the quality of the product and above all the originality. Each bag, have its unique serial number, it isn't produced in series; therefore small defects and imperfections, which can be found, are a further guarantee of the original

The Pyramid collection consists of two models: "Plastique" and "Romantica".

Plastique is composed of transparent soft polymers, with triangles of Rdress fabric, which are interchangeable with each other; it's possible, in fact, to create 479 million different combinations, changing one each day you will have a different bag for 1 million and 300 thousand years! If you want to further expand your collection you can buy separately, other sets of Pyramid Plastique triangles, to create endless chromatic and artistic compositions.
Romantica is made of Rdress fabric, specially designed to be used and folded if necessary, to be inserted also in a suitcase. More elegant and chic than it represents a creative evolution... A unique accessory in the world that distinguishes the customer.
Soft, capacious, durable, waterproof, chic, whimsical, sporty... And much more...

Rdress is a young brand with the mission of spreading the artworks of the Italian artist Raffaela Each painting is full of deep feelings and meanings that the team of Rdress aims to spread with the highest quality sartorial creations, in line with the very high standards of Made in Italy. The mission of the brand and Pyramid project is to create a unique product for every customer of the fashion house, not only thanks to innovative design, but also through the use of carefully chosen raw materials and almost maniacal attention to detail during the façon.

The Pyramid bags were born from the idea of creating a special bag, for a woman who wants to be special and show it to the world. For this reason, the bag was created pyramidal, with a triangular base, the only one in the world.

Pyramid Concept & Features
We are committed for months to offer you the best product in circulation and to thank you for supporting our project will reserve exclusive prices available only for the duration of the campaign. The proceeds will be used to further improve and expand the project up to the creation of the exclusive, unique in the world, gallery store containing both the artwork clothing and the artist's artworks.
The Pyramid Collection is designed to be the perfect combination of style, comfort, sustainability and the value given by the Swiss design and Italian tailoring. To achieve this we have created the bag with the following technical features:

Sides dim.: 28 × 28 × 28 cm.
Height: 22 cm
Weight: 116
Materials: PET, aluminium, polyester, Lycra.

Each bag is customizable with your name, but above all, each bag is unique and unrepeatable, no one can have a bag identical to yours, you can also choose the artwork you prefer and create an even more unique bag. All bags are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity of the artwork and are signed by hand by the general manager.

The Pyramids are made exclusively with 100% recyclable and cruelty-free materials such as PVC, which also guarantees impermeability, and the Lycra printed with water-based pigments.
The bag despite its weight of only 116 grams is also very durable and capacious: we put within its 2,300 cm³ the medium-sized wallet, smartphone, perfume, hand cream, foundation, brush, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, house and car keys.
If you want, you can fold the bag and make it flat to put it in your suitcase or maybe in a bag and you're done! When it's time, you can stretch it out and with the change of the bag, you can completely change your look from elegant or casual to chic and trendy.

The Impact
R. Quaiotti, the author of the works of art used, is an artworks master for over 40 years, 38 of which she has dedicated to the enhancement of the potential of students with disabilities of the Italian school. To express the feelings and the state of mind during her life, she used the painting, up to now she made more than 100 artworks. LM company has the mission of enhancing and revitalizing these emotions through their sharing through the creations of the Rdress brand. The Pyramid is not a simple bag with standard technical features, inside it contains the emotions of the artist, the passion of the LM team that works incessantly to give the best to its customers and the dedication of the seamstress who will make it especially for you. Add a touch of colour to your wardrobe, you will never go unnoticed again and thanks to your contribution we will be able to develop the project, make new products and make more and more people special.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you liked our history and our products but don't have the chance to contribute, you can help us by sharing our story with your friends, family and the whole world. You can follow our Instagram and Tumblr accounts (@rdresscouture) to stay informed of our progress and learn about our new ideas. This project is very important to us, and we thank you for sharing it with us.

Patent details: this project is registered at the WIPO offices for the protection of © and design, as well as the concept reported here. All rights reserved by LucaMartini company, Switzerland.
Luca Q. Martini
Luca Q. Martini
Losone, CH
Chief Manager / Owner

Creative, manager, ethical owner

Anna Mykhnyuk
Anna Mykhnyuk
Marketing and P.R.

Mkt operations and PR head office

Raffaela Quaiotti
Raffaela Quaiotti
Art Director

Artworks maker and art director


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