The crowdfunding for this project ended on 14. July 2019. Unfortunately, the project objective was not achieved and the boosters get their money back.


Clean air is socially important.


Aleksandr Krylov
Aleksandr Krylov St. Petersburg, RU
Aleksandra Krylova

Project Overview

Reconstruction of the beautiful park wood on anthropogenically desert landscape. It is useful for each inhabitant of the planet as clean air is useful to beauty and long life. I want to find in Turkey the suitable place successfully. I looked for it already in 4 countries washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Then at once we will start the embodiment of the "Natural - Historical Enclave" project. On a search expedition finance is necessary.

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Aleksandr Krylov

Ecological expedition "Clean air for you".

Clean air is necessary to everyone for эдоровья, beauty and long life. The atmosphere – a uniform air cover of the globe. It is inhaled by you, I and everything, living on the planet. Trees and herbs create the atmosphere, comfortable for life: produce oxygen and clean air.
For planet air improvement Earth and creations for people of more favorable vital situation we spend (we spend) our life for creation of an extensive natural and historical enclave.
Dense and extensive forest-park landings on the place of anthropogenically opustynenny landscape are capable to allow you (to add to the general the atmosphere, (uniform) for all) a kind portion of oxygen and to clean air from bad impurity.
To begin to make landings it is necessary to find the sufficient and suitable territory conforming to special requirements. For this purpose we will undertake an expedition to the region of Turkey sparsely populated nowadays serving once as a cradle of a modern civilization.
We already conducted necessary researches in 4 countries. The real attempt – our last chance to create a big (massif) forest park for improvement of air near densely populated Europe.
We not the commercial organization also can receive financing only from philanthropists and those who will directly use the produced oxygen – that is from the people caring for the health.
In more detail about us on Facebook ( 7731) and (
The previous stages of an expedition on YouTube (
E-mail: traveleraleksandrkrylov@yandex...
For start of an expedition there are no 4,000 euros.
You remember, someone … told: "From drops the sea is put".
If you are able to present disinterestedly to us only 10 euros, it will be it is all the same good. (SWIFT-code:SABRRU2P. Account: №42306810555162708900. PJSC Sberbank No. 9055/0622)
We are busy with the serious important issue useful to all, please give money only disinterestedly. You do not ask to send you a souvenir. We respect you, but antiquities and antiques from Turkey are forbidden to be taken out. So we to you all the same will not be able to bring any fantastic gin in a lamp. And "I love …" on the refrigerator it is so easy to do without one more magnetic.
But you will be able to see a photo and video and to read the fascinating report on results of an expedition on our Facebook. If there will be a lot of materials, perhaps we will even create the website for your convenience.

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