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a roof over their heads

project for the Nepalese earthquake victims


Moni Bitzi
Moni Bitzi Basel, CH
Kami Tensing Sherpa
Kami Tensing Sherpa
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… that is what’s missing for many people of Musey since the devastating earthquake this past April. So far, no support has reached this remote region.

A brief description of our project:

Ten families shall receive a new roof over their heads. For this particular purpose, this upcoming spring we will travel to Kathmandu to ensure the sourcing of the essential building materials on site and its transportation to the village of Musey at 2,700 m. above sea level.

It is important to us that...

… the roofs will be locally sourced and produced in Nepal.

… the roofs will be chosen in such a way, that they will endure the given environmental conditions at 2,700 m .a.s.l. for at least the next 50 years.

… the transport by helicopter proceeds safely.

… the local population will execute the reconstruction of the roofs according to their expertise and traditions.

… we will be on site for the duration of the project in order to supervise the project fully and assist the locals.

Interesting background information:

- Musey is located in the Solu Khumbu District which is known for its breathtaking nature and for being a starting point for many tracking tours and expeditions to the Himalaya.

- The Village of Musey is mainly inhabited by the Sherpa people who predominantly live off agriculture and their work as experts in the field of high-altitude mountaineering.

- The Sherpa (♂) and the Sherpini (♀) are a mountain tribe which originate in Tibet.

- The tribe name “Sherpa” is nowadays used as a job description. Today people who work in the Himalayan mountain industry are generally called “Sherpa”.

- In the few years that a Sherpa can work as a carrier and alpine guide, he not only provides for his own family but also often supports his entire village.

Moni Bitzi
Moni Bitzi
Basel, CH
Organisation und Ausführung vor Ort

Kami: born and raised in Musey (Solu Khumbu, Nepal) went to Mehendra High School in Musey founded by Sir Edmund Hilary and became a alpine guide. Currently living with his wife in the U.S.A.

Moni: born and raised in Switzerland, traveled many regions of Nepal during the work as a pediatric nurse (for many different care centers and different hospitals)

Kami Tensing Sherpa
Kami Tensing Sherpa
Organisation und Ausführung vor Ort

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