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Jean-Marie Crettaz
Jean-Marie Crettaz Vissoie, CH

Project Overview

Wiza Love your visa for real meetings. Wiza Love is a dating application that innovates to guarantee meetings with people of the same age and from the same region with verified profiles. It draws inspiration from everyday encounters to offer a quality connection service for singles. Love is the source of happiness, Wiza Love take care of it.

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Wiza Love
Wiza Love
Wiza Love
Wiza Love
Wiza Love
Wiza Love

Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    25.000 CHF

    4% funded

    Development of the application code for heterosexuals with possible translation into all languages of the world.

  2. Stage 2:

    45.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Marketing budget to offer the service in Valais then step by step throughout Switzerland and elsewhere in the world. This solution should make it possible to make the brand autonomous and therefore to plan new investments.

  3. Stage 3:

    85.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Improvement of the application code with new features such as international video conferencing, singles vacations, an improvement for franchise management, etc. This solution will also be offered to gays, lesbians and wealthier people.

  4. Finish Stage:

    100.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Registration of the brand at international level and legal verification of the application for improvement of standards.

Our society is a precious jewel that requires care. It is in this environment that we find the most beautiful things in life such as family, children, friends, our loves, the most sustained forms of solidarity, sharing, compensation, joy of living.

By supporting the connection of single people, we promote happy encounters in a safe environment favorable to true love. These great loves will become families again and happiness will be shared there.

It is the dream of supporting the heart of our society by supporting all singles to find their life partners.

Wiza Love is a videoconferencing dating application that promotes romantic dates. We innovate with a matchmaking process adapted to romantic encounters inspired by real life.

For example, we verify the identity of all our customers, the male-female ratio is balanced for the proper functioning of the application, former clients are not retained as active clients, the use of credit is only done when the person has met by videoconference , a history of dating dates helps prevent the risk of incivility during meetings, no messaging is planned given that the first meetings are made by videoconference, we meet all our clients by videoconference during of registration, the price is comparable to our competitors but 5 times cheaper than marriage agencies, your profile will only be visible to the people with whom you are put in contact, ease of use,...

It's a dating app where you meet people.

We connect people of the same age, from the same region, single, available to meet people and who are looking for true love thanks to an algorithm and a computer draw. We make meeting proposals and you choose. There are no messaging service or singles lists.

This application is intended to be franchised to become international. The skills and know-how will be transmitted so that as many people as possible can quickly access this solution.

With your help this project will be available more quickly and produced of much better quality so that Wiza Love can in turn provide its service and help thousands or even millions of singles around the world.

Your support is precious for this project to be possible. It is together that we can realize this dream and make a better world for singles and our society.

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Jean-Marie Crettaz
Jean-Marie Crettaz
Vissoie, CH
Technician and Project Leader

Life is beautiful and living together makes it even more beautiful. Wiza Love is the result of long reflections which will offer a simple and effective solution to find the essentials. Love!

The family is the heart of our society which offers a place of solidarity, love and sharing. These families bind each other through the sentimental bond of the couples who form. For a couple to form, it takes a meeting and two people ready to find love. It was therefore important for me to participate in supporting thousands of singles. Wiza Love is that link that connects singles of the same age and from the same region. It's the spark that will unite thousands of hearts!


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