To bring smile to Vezo

For a better social and economic condition of the Vezo

André VIC
André VIC Morondava, MG

Project Overview

The project consists of setting up a small seafood processing company to be able to sell them at a price that is more beneficial to the community. At the same time, it will produce ice cream bars that will serve the surrounding society since the population constantly needs them because of Morondava's climate: hot and dry.

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of 15.000 EUR
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Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    2.000 EUR

    0% funded

    This step consists of upgrading the reception area of the installation and settling the mandatory administrative costs relating to the operational and formal start-up of the company.

  2. Stage 2:

    5.000 EUR

    0% funded

    This amount will be used to buy the first large basic working materials, sine qua non at the start of the business.

  3. Stage 3:

    8.000 EUR

    0% funded

    This latest funding will be used to keep the business running so the Vezos can finally enjoy what is right.

  4. Finish Stage:

    15.000 EUR

    0% funded

    This is the total amount necessary for the proper functioning of the project.

I come here to be able to carry out a project that is really close to my heart. This is a testimony of accountability to the Vezo community of Menabe, which raised me as if I were one of its own, but which suffers greatly for lack of consideration for their work efforts.
The money that I will collect will be used to set up a small fish processing and ice bar factory that will allow them to keep their daily catch well and to have a better price offer on what they sell. Indeed, the price of processed fish is much more attractive than that of fresh fish. Fresh products, being easily perishable, wholesalers buy them for a pittance.
To bring smile to Vezo
To bring smile to Vezo
André VIC
André VIC
Morondava, MG
e-Commerçantl freelance

Born French, I spent all my childhood until now in Madagascar, more precisely in the region of Morondava with the Vezo community. I grew up, learned to fish and speak their dialect with their children. In the past, I could never think that they lived in misery and that we took advantage of their efforts without any scruple.

Indeed, these people wake up very early in the morning to fish (main activity generating family income) to sell them to marailleurs who buy them at a derisory price.

I want, to show them my attachment to them and my gratitude, to offer them a better perspective by putting into operation a small fish processing company (smoked and salted) running on solar energy. I have already studied this project and I can submit the estimate for it.

I want this community to have a more descent life and for their efforts to give back to them. But I need help to give them a little smile.


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