Tailoring School Uganda

Vocational training center in Uganda for 10 children

Rolf Meyer
Rolf Meyer Horw, CH

Project Overview

In Uganda Africa, nearby the capital Kampala, we started a vocational training center for currently 10 children learning the profession of a tailor. Run by 2 experienced female tailors, the children learn all the different techniques and materials needed to become a professional tailor. The programme last 1 to 1.5 years.

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Tailoring School Uganda
Apron and isolating gloves
Colourful apron and isolating gloves, hand-made at Maggie's Tailoring School.

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Tailoring School Uganda
Scrunchies for your hair
Scrunchies for your hair

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Tailoring School Uganda
Backpack bag
Small, colourful thread backpack bag. Hand-made at Maggie's Tailoring School.

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Tailoring School Uganda
Education tour in Uganda
Rolf Meyer will guide you to Maggie's Taloring School as well as to BSSK (primary and secundary schools) in Uganda. You will get to know the people behind these institutions.
Your travel expenses are on your account - Rolf Meyer's expenses are on his private account.

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Location Kampala