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Coiffure Barone GmbH / caphat design
Coiffure Barone GmbH / caphat design Dietlikon, CH

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"You can’t imagine what cancer does to you. That’s why, I strive every day to give affected women hope and courage. I know, what it means, and I know, what those women need. That’s why I want to help them" (Angiolina Berardelli) - The goal of this crowdfunding is to make Angiolina's business financially independent.

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CHF 10

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Due to covid-19, Angiolina sewed community masks.

Planned delivery date

July 2020

283x available


CHF 50

Personal thanks to the donation
We thank you personally by email for the donation.

unlimited availability


CHF 250

Wall of Fame
Your name will be published on our website on a thank you page.

unlimited availability


CHF 500

Wall of Fame 2.0
Your name will be engraved on a board and placed in the hairsalon.

Planned delivery date

September 2020

unlimited availability


CHF 1.000

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Invitation to the Apero
With this amount you will be invited to an Apero in our hairsalon.
Get to know Angiolina Berardelli personally, the family and her brand.

Angiolina is getting a chemotherapy. Therefore we can not say exactly when this Apero will take place.

50x available


CHF 1.001

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Who boosts the highest?
A wig is named after the highest donor.

unlimited availability



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