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Sven Haase
Sven Haase Grünberg, DE

Project Overview

On a former farm, up to 40 individual apartments for students can be made from the main and outbuildings. The investment is manageable, since the substance of the building is good and the apartments only have to be furnished. The local university has already expressed an interest and will be visiting soon. That means the project is promising because the demand is high.

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EUR 10

A landscape picture of the farm as a thank you
We will send you a thank you postcard with the motif of the White River farm in South Africa.

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EUR 20

Donor Board
A donor board will be set up at the entrance to the apartment complex. From an amount of 20 euros you will be mentioned here by name.

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EUR 50

Show heart for South Africa
With your donation you make it possible for young people in South Africa to start their studies and to be accommodated in reasonable apartments.

As a thank you, we will send you a t-shirt with a print of the farm and a big heart after we have made it.

Planned delivery date

December 2022

50x available

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Category Society
Location White River