Student apartments

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Sven Haase
Sven Haase Grünberg, DE

Project Overview

On a former farm, up to 40 individual apartments for students can be made from the main and outbuildings. The investment is manageable, since the substance of the building is good and the apartments only have to be furnished. The local university has already expressed an interest and will be visiting soon. That means the project is promising because the demand is high.

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Student apartments
Student apartments
Student apartments
Student apartments
Student apartments
Student apartments
Each of the approx. 40 apartments has to be furnished.
This requires a bed, a closet, a table and a chair.

In addition, there should be a small refrigerator in each apartment.
Tables and chairs must be provided in the common areas.
Likewise, a large kitchen will be set up and equipped.
Sven Haase
Sven Haase
Grünberg, DE
office management

My motivation is to help other people in difficult situations.

At the age of 58, you tend to pursue goals that help others to get ahead.

I found out from an acquaintance from South Africa that she would like to convert the inherited property with a farmhouse and outbuildings into apartments for students at the local university.


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