School for EVERYONE!

Help us pay the school fees for 100 children in Zambia!


Jason Studerus
Jason Studerus Zürich, CH
Jasmin Hauser
Jasmin Hauser Zürich, CH

Project Overview

Education is the most important step in moving from financial poverty to self-determination. For some families in remote areas of Zambia, however, education is not a given. We want to change that and support families in rural Zambia by paying their school fees!

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CHF 20

Postcard (1 piece)
Landscape photographs taken by Jason from Southern Africa.

unlimited availability


CHF 50

Postcard set (3 pieces)
Landscape photographs taken by Jason from Southern Africa.

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CHF 94

Personal thank you postcard with photo
With your donation you have financed the school fees for one child for the entire primary school period! As a thank you, you will receive mail with a photo of the supported family from Zambia!

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CHF 189

Personal travel advice for your next (Africa) trip
You take over the school fees for two children during the entire primary school period!
Thank you very much! In return, we will answer all your questions about the parts of the country we have already visited. Either in person or virtually. We will also accompany you on a Transa visit for the right equipment and plenty of information material!

unlimited availability


CHF 378

Nshima food cooked for you by Jason and Jasmine
Your generous donation makes it possible to finance the entire seven-year primary education for four children! We would like to personally invite you to a vegan Nshima - the national dish of Zambia. Cooked at your place or at a place of your choice.

unlimited availability



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