Renovation of Muro Secco

For the terrasses of the Taggiasca Olive Trees

Dominique Berkmann
Dominique Berkmann Dolceacqua, IT

Project Overview

We, Dominique and Richard, bought a beautiful property above Dolceacqua in Liguria in 2015. On this terrain there are approx. 9000 m2 of terraces on which ancient olive trees grow. The walls were built by Benedictine monks 700 years ago. Since the site was left to its own devices for a long time, we need support for the renovation / maintenance of the historic walls so that they can continue to exist.

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3.370 EUR
of 150.000 EUR
of 90 days left
supported project
Renovation of Muro Secco
Renovation of Muro Secco
Renovation of Muro Secco
Renovation of Muro Secco
Renovation of Muro Secco
Renovation of Muro Secco

Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    30.000 EUR

    11% funded

    When reaching the first stage, we focus on building a fence (733 meters long) to prevent wild boars from entering the area and destroying the soil. This fence costs EUR 12,200.

    After that, it's just a matter of restoring and maintaining the terraces in the traditional way, without cement. With the remaining EUR 17,800 of this stage we can restore 148.3 square meters of the walls.

    148.3 m2/3000 m2

  2. Stage 2:

    55.000 EUR

    0% funded

    With the EUR 25,000 from the second stage, we can restore 208.3 square meters of the terraces.

    356.6 m2 /3000 m2

  3. Stage 3:

    80.000 EUR

    0% funded

    With the EUR 35,000 from the third stage, we can restore 291.6 square meters of the terraces.

    648.2 m2 / 3000 m2

  4. Stage 4:

    105.000 EUR

    0% funded

    With the further EUR 25,000 we can again restore 208.3 square meters of the terraces.

    856.5 m2 / 3000 m2

  5. Finish Stage:

    150.000 EUR

    0% funded

    With the EUR 45,000 from the fifth and last stage, we can restore another 375 square meters of the terraces. Thus, already 1231.5 m2 of the total of approx. 3000 square meters are being restored.
    Thank you for your support!

    1231.5 m2 / 3000 m2

In 2015 Richard and I, Dominique, bought a 2-hectare olive grove in Val Nervia, above the historic town of Dolceacqua.
The property has been left to its own devices for the past 20 years. It was so neglected that some olive trees went under in the undergrowth ... As a positive consequence we can say: the soil is absolutely untreated and free of chemicals. Of course, we would like to continue to offer 100% organic olive oil.

In the last 5 years we have cleaned approx. 80% of the terraces and trees and removed the undergrowth. Over time we discovered these incredibly beautiful walls, which were built by Benedictine monks around 1400.

But we had to realize that the many walls were damaged over a large area by weathering and by wild boars.

If we don't act fast, everything will be gone in the next few years.
We are grateful and we owe to the monks and our ancestors who created this legacy to take care of it.
We cannot possibly finance this out of pocket, this is the reason we contact you for support.

As a thank you, we are happy to offer you our products. You can find the list below. Thank you and greetings from Liguria.
Of the 2 hectares of our site, approx. 9000 square meters are terrace and wall area. 25-30% of them are damaged. Approx. 120 euros per square meter for renovation and restoration in the traditional Muro Secco style (without cement). We therefore assume that we will need around EUR 240,000 for the entire restoration of the terraces and walls. It is also very important to us that we can protect the area from wild boars with a fence. For a fence length of 733 meters, we calculate EUR 12’200.

We want to put up the fence first and then have as many square meters of the terraces and walls as possible restored in the traditional way.

Transparency is very important to us, which is why we want to collect “only” EUR 150,000 for the time being to see how such an elaborate restoration is carried out.

Wir möchten zuerst den Zaun errichten und dann möglichst viele Quadratmeter der Terrassen und Mauern auf traditionelle Art und Weise restaurieren lassen.

Transparenz liegt uns sehr am Herzen, weshalb wir auch vorerst „nur“ EUR 150‘000 sammeln wollen, um zu sehen, wie so eine aufwendige Restauration vonstattengeht.
There are around 300 Taggiasca olive trees, many are more than 500 years old, planted by Benedictine monks.

Our first two olive harvests have already taken place and it has been shown that our oil is one of the best in the area due to its very low acidity. An oil with an acidity of 2.0% is considered good. We can proudly announce that our oil only has an acidity of 0.19%. This was confirmed to us by the laboratory in Imperia.

Soil and trees are not treated. As a result, our oil is pure, native and 100% organic.

During the harvest from November to January, we bring our olives to Dolceacqua on the same day of harvest, where the oil is cold pressed in the traditional way using a stone wheel mill.
The Val Nervia connects the Ligurian hinterland with the Mediterranean coast in a few kilometers. The center of the valley is Dolceacqua, which is famous for the "Castello Doria" and the old stone bridge, which was painted in 1884 by Claude Monet.
Dominique Berkmann
Dominique Berkmann
Dolceacqua, IT
We are an independently working couple, living in Liguria, Italy

In 2015 we bought this very beautiful land above Dolceacqua in Liguria. We are looking for your support, as we don't have enough own financial resources, to rebuild and maintenance the old, traditionally built terrace walls of the olive trees.


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Renovation of Muro Secco

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