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ZHAW Formula Student
ZHAW Formula Student Winterthur, CH
Alessandro Nolè
Alessandro Nolè
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Project Overview

We are a student association that develops a new electric racing car for the racing series “Formula Student” every year. For the realization of the project, we need your support. With your donation, you not only support the sustainable innovation of mobility, but also the local talent development of future engineers.

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355 CHF
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Formula Student Project
Formula Student Project
Formula Student Project
Formula Student Project

Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    5.000 CHF

    7% funded

    We are now able to purchase the materials for our frame, the skeleton of our racing car. In addition, the production is partially financed.

  2. Stage 2:

    10.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Complete financing of the chassis. Materials, cutting and welding are financed. This is work that we cannot do in our student workshop.

  3. Stage 3:

    15.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Financing of the materials for our aerodynamic parts. With this amount, we can buy the raw material (carbon mats, resin, laminating equipment).

  4. Stage 4:

    20.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Allows us to obtain the milled negative molds for our larger aero parts (underbody, fairing from race car).

  5. Stage 5:

    25.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Purchase of components for our autonomous system. These include two cameras, sensors and control units.

  6. Finish Stage:

    30.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Allows us to finance the transport to a competition in Europe. Planned is the participation at "Formula Student Germany" at the Hockenheimring.

For our third car, we're taking a big technological step to improve performance and catch up with long-standing teams in the competitions.
These are our technological goals for this year:
- Under 220 kg total weight
- All-wheel drive
- Driverless integration (autonomous driving)
- Data collection for optimization
- Increasing downforce and reducing drag
- Torque vectoring
- Wireless telemetry diagnostics
Having already made great progress last year, we plan to take our race car to a new technical level next year.

Currently, 16 students are writing their project, bachelor or master thesis on a specific part of our project. These works advance our project and help us to get further and further towards self-development. This way, they actively contribute to the advancement of electromobility and autonomous driving technologies.

In addition, this work is offering students an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and gain exciting insights. They experience the vehicle development process from start to finish and gain project management experience in parallel.

However, the more these processes are developed, the more expensive our work becomes. Only with sufficient financial resources can students undertake more advanced work themselves.
ZHAW Formula Student
ZHAW Formula Student
Winterthur, CH

As part of an interdisciplinary project, around 40 students from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) decided to join the renowned Formula Student racing series in 2019. In the meantime, the association has grown to over 80 active members, who are working on the third racing car.

Formula Student is the world's largest engineering competition in which international student teams compete against each other in various disciplines with self-designed racing cars in the categories electric and driverless vehicles.

After a very successful 2021/2022 season - participating in three races – Zurich UAS Racing’s goals for the upcoming season have been set very high. The development of the new racing car, which can be driven by a pilot as well as autonomously, has already started. Our focus lies in the further development and optimization of sustainable technology.

Alessandro Nolè
Alessandro Nolè
Neuhausen am Rheinfall, CH

Wirtschaftsinformatik Student und in der Freizeit COO beim ZHAW Formula Student Team.


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