Eliminate Corruption

Research for "Eliminate Corruption, Reconstruct Ukraine"

Benno Luthiger
Benno Luthiger Zürich, CH

Project Overview

The war in Ukraine is causing a lot of suffering and destruction. After the war, the country's infrastructure must be rebuilt. If this challenge can be combined with a radical fight against corruption, reconstruction is also an opportunity. This is to be achieved with the concept of "Amnesty in Exchange for Guilty Plea".

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2.470 CHF
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Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    24.000 CHF

    10% funded

    Funding of the research phase. In this phase, five projects, coordination and administration as well as technical support will be financed.
    This work will be carried out entirely by the project partners in Ukraine.

  2. Finish Stage:

    30.000 CHF

    0% funded

    With the additional Fr. 6000.- we can finance the final conference in Kyiv. With this conference, on the one hand, the results of the research should be made known. On the other hand, this conference is also planned as the starting signal for the political campaign to implement the concept.

In a research phase (duration six months), the conditions and chances of the concept "Amnesty in Exchange for Guilty Plea" in Ukraine will be explored. This research will be conducted entirely by researchers from universities in Kyiv. The results of this research will be presented to the public (in Kyiv) at a final conference. This conference is also planned as the start of the political campaign to implement the concept.
Management: Fr. 3'600.-
Assistance: Fr. 2'400.-

Research teams
Two persons: Fr. 6'000.-
One person: Fr. 3'000.-
Political Science:
Two persons: Fr. 6'000.-
Technical assistance:
One person: Fr. 3'000.-

Final conference
Advertising, room rental, etc. Fr. 6'000.-
Total Fr. 30'000.-
Benno Luthiger
Benno Luthiger
Zürich, CH
Software Entwickler

A country that is under attack, as is happening now in Ukraine, must be supported. This support can be provided in many ways. This project is about support in the longer term, about reconstruction after the war. With the project "Eliminate Corruption, Reconstruct Ukraine", I want to help ensure that reconstruction in Ukraine can take place quickly and effectively.


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