Elena Gerster Studioalbum

Elena Gersters first studioalbum production

Elena Gerster
Elena Gerster Basel, CH

Project Overview

I'm so excited to finally record my songs in good studio quality, put them on a CD and stream them directly to your speakers! With your support I can produce my first studio-album. :)

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CHF 20

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
I will send you a free download of the new album one week before the official release date.

unlimited availability


CHF 30

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
signed CD + download
I will ship a signed CD + download link to your home.

unlimited availability


CHF 50

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
USB-stick "Elena Gerster complete"
I will ship a USB-stick to your home. It includes my new album & my fist selfproduced CD "Dandelion" (2014).

unlimited availability


CHF 100

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
2x guestlist at the release show
I will invite you and your companion to the release show in autumn 2020. The two tickets will be shipped to your home.

unlimited availability


CHF 100

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
signed CD (sponsoring)
You'd like to just get a signed CD and still want to support me a little bit more?
To say thank you I will add a handwritten letter with some greetings. :)

unlimited availability


CHF 200

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
You can send me three of your favourite songs and I will make a cover of my choice and send my video-version back to you.

unlimited availability


CHF 250

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
8x one hour guitarlession
Do you want to learn to play the guitar?
I can teach you! :)

- accompany songs
- picking & strumming
- music theory
- jamming, singing, and many more :)

-> Beginners only! ;-)

2x available


CHF 500

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
book a concert
Support me with this goodie and you get a voucher for a concert of mine. I will play at your party, festival, bar or business event.

unlimited availability


CHF 1.000

Elena Gerster Studioalbum
You are simply a big fan of my project and you'd like to support me really big? Go for it! :)
I will send you a box of nice wine with selfmade labels togheter with my new CD (signed, of course!).

As a sponsor your name will be tagged on te CD!

unlimited availability



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