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's Echo vo dr Feldbergstrooss
's Echo vo dr Feldbergstrooss Basel, CH
Gabriela Bertin
Gabriela Bertin

Project Overview

With "Echolot", Dina Jost and Thomas-Maria Reck publish their very first record. The duo decided upon live recordings based on its history. 's Echo vo dr Feldbergstrooss was hosted by the Karthäuserchurch in Basel in February and April 2020 where they recorded the songs for the album.

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A call from an accomplice
If you like, our accomplice A.P.O. will give you a call to have an unsual talk

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As a thank you for your support, you will receive a personal video message with surprise :)

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1 Album with signature
As a thank you-gift for your support, you will get one album with a note and a signature by Thomas & Dina.

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October 2020

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Personal ringtone
a personal yodel-ringtone, instantly composed & recorded

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A yodel-class for you
a yodel-class in Basel for one person with Dina & Thomas

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A concert for you (all)
An exclusive concert in the beginning of 2021 for all boosters that have invested more than 500 CHF.

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A yodel-class for you and your friends
A yodel-class for you and a group with max. 11 people in Basel

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A concert in your flat, your house, your garage, your cellar, wherever you want and with what people you'd like to share it with.

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Concert & Workshop
A concert in place of your choice with an additional workshop for you, your family and/or your colleagues. For example, a christmas party in your office.

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A personal composition
An original composition for you by Thomas & Dina

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