Debutalbum Sara Binet

"Ready to take off" - finally recording my own music!

Sara Binet
Sara Binet Birsfelden, CH

Project Overview

After many years of singing and waiting for the right moment, I am finally ready to take off with my own music. Together with wonderful musicians we will record my music in a very good studio to achieve the best possible result that was worth the waiting!

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CHF 15

Debutalbum Sara Binet
A handwritten thank you card for you!

unlimited availability


CHF 30

Debutalbum Sara Binet
Download link for the album
You don't listen to CD's anymore anyway? Get the download-link for the album... and a thank you e-mail.

unlimited availability


CHF 50

Debutalbum Sara Binet
CD with personal dedication (if wanted)
Well, you're supporting the creation of my album - so of course you will get it (signed if you want) - with a personal thankyou-card.

14x available


CHF 75

Debutalbum Sara Binet
CD and world's best homemade Linzertorte
What could be better than a piece of the famous, world's best (as declared by Werner Düggelin) Linzertorte, homemade by me, to listen to my debutalbum...? Right, nothing!

2x available


CHF 100

Debutalbum Sara Binet
CD and 2 tickets to album release concert
You get two tickets to the album release concert in Basel, and you don't even have to buy the album afterwards - I'll give it to you personally!

8x available


CHF 200

Debutalbum Sara Binet
CD, VIP-Tickets to release concert in Basel with aperitif riche
Not only will you have 2 VIP seats at our release concert, but you will have something good to drink and eat, and the cd personally delivered.

1x available


CHF 300

Debutalbum Sara Binet
Choose 3 songs I will record for you with "HarpVoc"
You want to hear your favorite songs sung by me and accompanied by my duopartner on the harp? There you go... we will record them in our homestudio and send them to you as MP3.

5x available


CHF 500

Debutalbum Sara Binet
Choose 3 Goodies from the list above
You would like the VIP-tickets AND the homemade Linzertorte and your favorite songs recorded by HarpVoc? No problem... make your own goodie-package and choose three of the goodies 1-7!

5x available


CHF 1.000

Debutalbum Sara Binet
Concert at your place with HarpVoc
Concert at your house or other location you provide (no farther than 300km) - with the duo HarpVoc (you can even choose three of the songs we're playing)!

3x available


CHF 1.500

Debutalbum Sara Binet
I write a song for you and put it on my next CD
You give me the subject, the story, the name, the feeling - I write the song (or we write together) and record it for you. Then we will record it on my next CD.

2x available


CHF 2.000

Debutalbum Sara Binet
Concert "Ready to take off" at your venue with the band
We play the music from the CD - especially for your concert at your place or your location (no farther than 300km).

2x available



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