Beluga Bible Translation

Monthly operational expenses

Daniel Kapeleti
Daniel Kapeleti Heraklion, GR

Project Overview

This is the opportunity to ask you to contribute towards monthly operating expenses like rent and bills to keep this ministry going. Your gift of any size is much appreciated.

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Beluga Bible Translation
Beluga Bible Translation
We are looking for support to cover monthly operational expenses like rent and bills.

About us:
Beluga Bible Translation ministry is service to Jesus Christ by making modern translations of the Holy Bible using original language sources of Hebrew and Greek and localized weights and measures.

Beluga Bible Translation
Daniel Kapeleti
Daniel Kapeleti
Heraklion, GR

Welcome to the fundraising message from the Beluga Bible Translation Ministry.

I am glad I can extend my greeting from the sunny land of apostle Paul's travels - the island of Crete.

Our ministry is different from the standard Bible translation projects

because we make modern translations using localized weights and measures. For example, in case of Bosnian Bible Translation I translated cubits in to centimeters, and shekels into convertible marks.

I am inviting you not only to become supporter, but to take part in what is exciting journey with the leadership of God's word.


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