Balcony Sauna with 3kW

Enjoy a Sauna on your balcony with regular power supply

Michael Siebert
Michael Siebert Zürich, CH

Project Overview

1) Totally new concept of designing and building a Sauna Different modules 80x80cm or 20x80cm: Solid wall; Window; 2 x 80x80 module -> door. All modules can be plugged into each other very easy and provide maximum of isolation. 2) Heating up over additional power supply, charging when Sauna is off, enabling total heating power of 4.5kW. 3) The Sauna is rented over the cold months and picked up before summer comes back

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50 CHF
of 10.000 CHF
of 45 days left
supported project
Balcony Sauna with 3kW
Balcony Sauna with 3kW
Goals of the prototype:
> Proof of concept, that such a Sauna can heat up in under 1h to 80-90°C
> Such a Sauna is not too heavy for a balcony / roof top terrace
> Construction and ramping down of the Sauna can be done unter 1h and the modules are totally mobile
> evaluate the loss of heat and insulation values

Sauna modules part of the prototype:
> 1 x 100x80cm window
> 3 x 100x80cm solid wall
> 6 x 80x80cm solid wall
> 2 x 80x80cm -> door module
> Floor
> Flat roof

The result will be a Sauna with the size: 100x160cm and a height of 160cm

What stands in the Sauna:
> a bench 60x160cm height 90cm
> a (standard) 3kW Sauna oven (incl control unit)
> Heating elements with a total power of 22A running on a 45A battery pack supporting the Sauna oven with additional power during heating up

Main costs in thie project
> materials
> the sauna oven + electronic
> thermo electronic elements
> SME around insulation
> SME for security review
The goal is to collect all relevant numbers essential to find a sponsor and put them together in a slide deck

- what is the potential market in Switzerland
- what are the regulations around rental apartments
- production and operational costs
- price analysis, what you can ask for a sell and rental price

Main costs in this project
> creation of the marketing material (graphic designer)
> promo video, the test run of the prototype is recorded
> travel costs to the investors
> promo event / actions, e.g. the spa vouchers
Michael Siebert
Michael Siebert
Zürich, CH
Project will be realized with different partners

Was always into handcrafting things, almost capable of getting every job done, even electric.

And of course I am a huge fan of enjoying a Sauna, otherwise would not come to this idea ;-)


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