The crowdfunding for this project ended on 30. January 2023. Unfortunately, the project objective was not achieved and the boosters get their money back.

Artist career nextStep

Support my self-realization project

Ali Kasap
Ali Kasap Esslingen, DE

Project Overview

In order for me to increase my profile, a 2-year procedure accompanied by a professional art gallery is very important. This procedure is associated with high costs.

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Artist career nextStep
Artist career nextStep
Artist career nextStep
Artist career nextStep
Artist career nextStep
Artist career nextStep
In order to be allowed to take part in an exhibition, two things are very important.

1. The right contacts

2. Costs Orders that are unavoidable
Artist career nextStep
Artist career nextStep
After you have successfully mastered one or the other exhibition, it is very important to increase your level of awareness.

This step takes about 2 years and is very expensive. That's exactly what this project is about.

With these costs I would like to finance my further education as a professional artist. This training includes:

- active cooperation curators
- Reportage and reports (art magazines)
- Participation in other art exhibitions

with the active support of a professional art gallery, success is inevitable. By increasing the level of awareness and further participation in exhibitions, all of the artist's works of art increase in value.
Artist career nextStep
Ali Kasap
Ali Kasap
Esslingen, DE

My name is Ali Kasap, artist with a few references. My goal is to take the next step in my artistic career. This step requires participation in a program over 2 years accompanied by a well-known art gallery.

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