Alta: Smart Marketing

Empower your social media strategy with AI-driven marketing!

Jawad Tijani
Jawad Tijani Genève, CH

Project Overview

Alta is an innovative social media marketing web application that leverages artificial intelligence to help businesses and sales teams manage their social media platforms more efficiently. With Alta, users can easily create engaging and visually appealing content, schedule posts, track performance, and much more.

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Alta: Smart Marketing
Alta: Smart Marketing
Alta: Smart Marketing

Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    6.800 CHF

    0% funded

    First development phase: the web UI/UX design stage is a process that aims to design the user interface to be attractive, intuitive and easy to use for the users, while meeting the project objectives and technical constraints.

  2. Stage 2:

    11.800 CHF

    0% funded

    Second phase of development: Frontend Development is the stage of web development that consists of coding the visible part of the site, i.e. the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designed in the previous stage. The next step is the schema management and database architecture that defines how the data is organized and stored.

  3. Finish Stage:

    17.500 CHF

    0% funded

    Third Development Phase: Backend Development refers to the creation and maintenance of the software components that handle server requests and data in the web application, such as servers, databases and APIs. The last step is to make sure that all functionalities work perfectly (Quality Insurance).

There are several reasons why Alta deserves to be funded and needs to happen. First of all, social media management has become a key part of a company's marketing strategy, but it can be very complex.

Alta offers an efficient and simple solution using artificial intelligence to automate certain tasks and help users optimize their marketing strategy.

In addition, social media platforms are constantly evolving and growing rapidly, offering significant opportunities for businesses to stand out with effective strategies.

Finally, Alta's funding will help develop and improve the application, contributing to the creation of the MVP (minimum viable product) and the initial launch of the product in the market.
Alta: Smart Marketing
In addition to providing an automated solution for managing social media platforms, Alta is also an intelligent digital marketing assistant that can generate content and visuals for its users' networks, publish them automatically and even advise on strategy based on past performance.

In addition, Alta is able to engage users and followers on social networks by initiating discussions and giving personalized advice.

Finally, Alta will be available in multiple languages, including French, English and German, making the application accessible to a global audience and allowing companies to effectively communicate with their international customers.

All of these unique features make Alta a must-have solution for companies looking to improve their online presence and digital marketing strategy.
Alta: Smart Marketing
Are you tired of struggling to keep up with your social media marketing efforts? Look no further than Alta - the AI-powered assistant that makes social media management a breeze!

With Alta, you can say goodbye to the stress and frustration of crafting content and visuals for your social media platforms. Our cutting-edge technology generates eye-catching posts, schedules them for optimal visibility, and even offers customized tips and advice to help you reach your target audience.

Plus, with our powerful analytics tools, you'll always stay ahead of the game, spotting trends and opportunities that can take your business to new heights.

Say hello to more engagement, more conversions, and more time to focus on the things that matter. Give Alta a try and experience the difference for yourself!
Alta: Smart Marketing
The first fraction of the money raised (6800 CHF) will be used for the user interface design of the website. The second part (5000 CHF) will be cover the Frontend Development and the last part (5700 CHF) will fund the Backend Development.
Alta: Smart Marketing
Jawad Tijani
Jawad Tijani
Genève, CH
Managing Director - Tijani Media

My name is Jawad Tijani, I'm a 25 year old entrepreneur from Geneva and have been running my own digital agency called Tijani Media for 3 years. After graduating in finance, I changed careers because of the Covid-19 pandemic and became interested in digital marketing. My career path has been marked by the love of entrepreneurship and the constant search for challenges.

My story began with a finance background that provided me with strong financial management skills. However, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the financial industry forced me to explore other options. That's when I turned to digital marketing, an industry that is constantly evolving and offers many opportunities.

My source of motivation is entrepreneurship. I have always enjoyed taking initiative, creating projects and working hard to achieve my goals. For me, entrepreneurship is a way to achieve my dreams while having a positive impact on the world around me.

My current ambition is to develop a software that will revolutionize the digital marketing industry. I believe there are ways to make marketing more effective and accessible for businesses of all sizes. I am ready to take on this challenge and make a significant contribution to this ever-changing industry.

In short, I am Jawad Tijani, a young entrepreneur with a passion for entrepreneurship, motivated by challenges and committed to developing an innovative software that will revolutionize the digital marketing industry.


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