Adrian hat Krebs / cancer

Der 20jährige Cuba-Flüchtling lebt in USA ohne Versicherung.

Bernd Ostermeier
Bernd Ostermeier Minden, DE

Project Overview

Ich brauche eure Hilfe, um Adrian eine medizinische Behandlung gegen seinen Leberkrebs und damit das Überleben zu ermöglichen. Jede kleine Spende hilft. Meine finanziellen Möglichkeiten sind leider erschöpft. Für weitere Informationen kontaktiert mich bitte. Adrian needs your Help to get medical Help to survive His liver cancer. Any donation will help. My financial possibilities have been exhausted. For Fürther information please contact me.

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of 15.000 EUR
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Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    5.000 EUR

    0% funded

    Medical treatment can then be started. In the USA you will not get any medical treatment before you pay a down payment. With these 5000€ the treatment can begin.

  2. Finish Stage:

    15.000 EUR

    0% funded

    This amount will hopefully be enough to help Meanwhile we have found some supporters who want to help Adrian in his fight against cancer. All in all I am convinced, we can save Adrian's live

Adrian will die, If we don't help him.

Adrian immigrated from Cuba to the USA to earn money and to be able to support his family in Cuba.
Now he has the permission to stay in USA and he got ill. Without insurance the US health system is brutal. No money, no treatment.

Bernd Ostermeier
Bernd Ostermeier
Minden, DE

Adrian needs our help. He suffers from a malignant liver cancer. I have allready helped him, but now my financial resources have been exausted.

Adrian ist a twenty years old cuban refugee living in the USA, but he has no health insurance.

Please Help him to survive the cancer.

Thank you!


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