The crowdfunding for this project ended on 16. August 2022. Unfortunately, the project objective was not achieved and the boosters get their money back.

Accessible leisure app

The first barrier-free leisure platform in Switzerland

MountOn Luzern, CH

Project Overview

The SamePassion app connects people with the same interests, allows you to plan your free time easily and quickly. Our goal is to build the first leisure platform that is free of any barriers, so that people with all abilities or people with less digital affinity can connect and plan their leisure time. This campaign helps us to achieve this, as well as to create barrier-free offers.

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4.761 CHF
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Accessible leisure app
Accessible leisure app
Accessible leisure app
Accessible leisure app

Funding goals

  1. Stage 1:

    15.000 CHF

    31% funded

    With this amount we can cover the costs for the realization of the MVP.

  2. Stage 2:

    45.000 CHF

    0% funded

    The initial costs for the development of the first version of the app have been covered, as well as first tests for a completely accessible offer - let's move on!

  3. Stage 3:

    70.000 CHF

    0% funded

    The costs for the interfaces to the accessibility data are covered. First tests with partners and foundations for inclusion can be carried out.

  4. Stage 4:

    100.000 CHF

    0% funded

    In order for us to realize the app, we need to be able to fully concentrate on the development. With this money, we can devote ourselves fully to the project as a team.

  5. Finish Stage:

    280.000 CHF

    0% funded

    Now it's time to establish the app throughout Switzerland and bring more accessible experiences onto the platform. To do this, we need to raise awareness of the app and test experiences for accessibility.
    This covers the necessary tests and development.

Constantly increasing pressure to perform, new life situations and everyday obligations increasingly ensure in society that there is often little time for recreation and leisure. We have many interests but little time to pursue them, often have a limited circle of friends depending on our hobbies. It is almost impossible to take everything sufficiently into account and thus maintain the necessary balance in life.

This all makes it more important that we spend our time on what really makes us happy and that we can participate in social life.

An active and fulfilling life for all - together, instead of alone!
As things stand today, the range of leisure activities is confusing and unstructured. It takes a lot of time to plan one's leisure time. Simply planning a day trip or vacation overwhelms consumers with countless different providers from countless websites.
Although many processes have already been digitized, they still present users with major challenges.

A solution is needed that also addresses the needs of people with disabilities or those who are overwhelmed by digitalization.
The Vision - The origin of SamePassion

Kevin was sitting alone at home one Saturday morning, thinking about what he could do this weekend. Unfortunately, his friends had to cancel on him at short notice. Then the thought occurred to him: What if I could just search my cell phone for people who have time to do something NOW and maybe even like to do the same thing as I do? So he would never again let his precious time go to waste and instead spend it only on his favorite activities. This has resulted in a team that shares a common vision: A fulfilling life for all people!

A first version - What have we done so far?

For more than 6 months now, we have been tinkering with the first version of the app. We have already invested a lot of time and sweat. But we see a light at the end of the tunnel. Our test version is finished! With it we want to get first feedback and adapt the app to your needs.
Accessible leisure app
We want to make the platform attractive for everyone and build a large community. In order to achieve this, we need to test the app, increase our man power and accelerate the development of the app. We also need to make the platform known.

Our solution, our goal - What do we want to achieve?

We want to become the first completely accessible leisure app in Switzerland. The SamePassion app should enable all people to have an active balance to their everyday life. In order for us to realize this, we have to invest a lot of time and money in the development of the platform.

Do you want to help us? Then support us with a contribution of your choice or contact us at to test the app for us. Thank you very much for believing in us!
Benefit 1: Find like-minded people at any time

The SamePassion app suggests experiences/activities that really interest you based on your profile information. If you are looking for someone for your next leisure activity, your ad will only be displayed to people who share their interests with you. So you can always find the right people for your next experience.

Benefit 2: Easy and fast leisure planning

With SamePassion you can get information about the current leisure activities, find experiences and activities of the community and plan them right away. Everything you need for your experience can be booked directly without leaving the app. Leisure planning has never been so easy and fast.

Benefit 3: An active balance to everyday life for everyone, thanks to accessibility.

SamePassion is set to become the first completely barrier-free leisure platform in Switzerland, enabling people with an impairment to make the most of their free time.

SamePassion - leisure time for all!

SamePassion is supposed to unite the leisure offer of Switzerland and make everything visible & bookable in one place. Everyone should be able to use their free time optimally at any time and find like-minded people to lead an active and fulfilling life together.
Luzern, CH

We are MountOn, a startup from Lucerne with a clear vision: A fulfilled life for all people!

A world in which all people have the same opportunities to shape their lives according to their own ideas. People should be able to live a balanced and fulfilled life together.

With SamePassion, we want to develop the first completely accessible leisure app in Switzerland.

This campaign enables us to break down barriers, for example by adapting and expanding functionality to meet the wishes of the community, and by working with partners to create and test barrier-free offerings.

Kevin Meier
Kevin Meier
Luzern, CH

Kevin loves to rethink existing things and discuss new ideas. His adventurous spirit and his urge to move drive him outdoors. He loves to cook and eat together with others.

The SamePassion project is close to his heart because he wants to help people spend more of their free time doing what really makes them happy, so they can live active and fulfilling lives.

Pascal Beyeler
Pascal Beyeler
Oftringen, CH

Pascal has been fascinated by computers since his first contact with them. His thirst for knowledge drives him to learn and apply new things. This is also reflected in his free time, where he can combine and expand his theoretical and practical knowledge while building model aircrafts.

The SamePassion project is very close to his heart because he sees the development of the app as an exciting challenge to link technical and social issues in a safe way.

Stephan Gmür
Stephan Gmür
Tarasp, CH

Lorenz is an enthusiastic hobby musician, traveler and tourism expert.

After a lecture by Stephan Gmür, Lorenz imagined being impaired on one of his train rides... In Switzerland alone, there is a seemingly endless need for action. The goal of the SamePassion project is to make a significant contribution to the inclusion of people with all needs in Switzerland and possibly abroad and to make their lives easier.

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Accessible leisure app

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