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Project Overview

After all of us had stayed at home and this global crisis is over, this project aims to bring people back together. Our goal is to create a local network within urban neighborhoods, in which a social sharing of resources, skills and abilities is encouraged. 5 Favors is a local, social platform, which will facilitate these processes of exchange and contribute to the transparency of resources.

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William Dunkel

First Update

Hey! We are so excited to have launched our first crowdfunding project! Perhaps we have waited too long, but we couldn't think of any better moment for this project. It's doing great so far after only two days, so thank you already for all the contributions, it means the world to us.

Some of you had some questions already, so I would like to take this opportunity to answer them. Feel free to ask us anything!

Why don't I just ask my neighbor directly for a favor?

If you are already doing that, that's awesome! Not only are we focusing on neighbors in your block, but also beyond that, incorporating the whole neighborhood, thus expanding the amount of available resources.

Can I buy favorpoints?

No, only elderly folks would be able to buy them for a small amount that goes directly to donation, because for them it's harder to do favors, but are the ones who need the help the most. The favorpoints are supposed to encourage reciprocity, which means if you have 0 points, you will have to do a favor in order to ask for a favor again.

Why the circles on the map?

They are supposed to guarantee anonymity. Furthermore, the colors indicate the type of favor, which are categorized in tools and materials, food and drinks, services or information.

Am I paying someone’s wages with these stages?

Not directly, Andrej, the technical co-founder, has programming connections in his homeland slovakia, the first two stages will only be used to program the project.

I would like to be a part of testing environment, where can I sign up?

Yes! You can sign up on our launch page www.5favors.com and we will determine, if there are enough people in your vicinity. So in a way, you can promote the link and send it to them, even better if you send this crowdfunding project!


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