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car solaire

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Toy minibus car rapide

Everybody knows the cars rapides from Dakar! These minibuses, with their colorful and bright bodywork painted by hand, are characteristic of the city of Dakar. They are known far beyond the national borders and form a part of Senegal's cultural heritage. Thank you for your contribution. Locally made, this hand painted miniature car rapide now belongs to you! Would you like to experience the unique test trip with the first car solaire in person? Support our project with an additional 50 CHF or more and you will automatically be entered into our prize draw for a free seat in the first car solaire!


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This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:

car solaire

A sustainable, solar-powered minibus for Dakar!

Project Overview

The goal of EcoCar Solaire is to convert Dakar’s fossil-powered shared taxis into solar-powered cars solaires, offering a large portion of the Senegalese metropolis' inhabitants environmentally-friendly mobility. With this solution, everyone can afford to travel to work, school or university without causing any pollution harmful to climate and public health, and female market vendors can have goods to be sold at the local market transported.

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