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SQIN Ø: Nasties-Free Skin

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The Natural Day

Get our daytime moisturizer and a little something extra to pamper yourself: • 1 Moisturizing Sorbet • 1 Bath Bomb During our crowdfunding campaign we are throwing in the shipping for FREE! Product highlights: 1. Moisturizing Sorbet: Prepare – Protect – Nourish Loaded with omega-3, vitamin A & E, and antioxidants, our beautifully pink sorbet melts into the skin to deeply nourish all complexions and improve circulation. It will protect the skin from transepidermal water loss by locking in moisture allowing it to better support its natural barrier functions. 2. Bath Bomb: Indulge – Relax – Soothe Loaded with magnesium, our bath bombs help you relax muscles and relieve pain. They will delicately clean, deodorize and repair skin, all while strengthening blood vessels. You can learn more details about the benefits and ingredients of our products on the project page.


Planned delivery date

June 2022

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unlimited availability

This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:

SQIN Ø: Nasties-Free Skin

Help us produce our three new 100% natural skincare products

SQIN Ø Zürich, CH

Project Overview

Having sold thousands of 100% natural deodorants since we launched in May 2021, we developed 3 products that will continue revolutionizing the industry. With your help, we will produce the first batch of our premium facial skincare products: our Moisturizing Sorbet to prepare, protect and nourish your skin; our Purifying Balm to cleanse, balance and renew the delicate face skin; our Elixir Oil to repair, cherish and rejuvenate the skin barrier.

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