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Maison Merula

CHF 25

Flower Child * Seed Mix

Yes, happiness can be sown! Maison Merula owes its name to the blackbird (Turdus Merula). And because there is hardly anything more beautiful than a colourful world full of birds and flowers, we are sending you the wildflower mix "Birds" by Artha as a thank you. The package contains seeds of more than 30 different species of wildflowers and grains, which will bring joy not only to us humans but also to many birds. Thank you for helping us grow by supporting Maison Merula.


Planned delivery date

December 2022

Goodie limitation

44x available

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Maison Merula

* room to bloom *

Maison Merula
Maison Merula Zürich, CH

Project Overview

Maison Merula is a space that brings together people from all kinds of backgrounds. A space for honest, open exchange and real encounters. Encounters with oneself, with other people and cultures, with art, knowledge and much more. Supported by a non-profit idea: our solidarity-based price system is intended to compensate for social and financial disadvantage and to make the entire programme accessible to everyone.

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