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Non binary rights

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Sticker “Gender isch es Spektrum” by Queerkaff

Get this beautiful sticker by Queerkaff, an initiative by Runa Studer and Hanna Lai, both from the canton of Obwalde—the “Kaff” (a slang term for “small town”), as they call it. They designed this sticker especially for this campaign and also sponsored its production costs.


Planned delivery date

November 2021

Goodie limitation

127x available

This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:

Non binary rights

Support the fight for the recognition of non binary people

Project initiators are exempt from taxation

Project Overview

Support Transgender Network Switzerland in fighting for the legal recognition of non binary people. For two years we have been leading a crucial case, which is now before the Federal Supreme Court: A gender marker that was “deleted” in Germany is to be recognized under Swiss law. Accompanying this, we want to increase non binary visibility in the media and awareness among politicians. Help us to cover the costs for lawyers, courts, and our work!

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