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Purchasing forest Mbyá

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A5-Zeichnung eines Mbyà-Kindes

selbst angefertigte Zeichnung eines Mbyà-Kindes


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This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:

Purchasing forest Mbyá

A future for the Mbyá, the jaguar and for all of us!

Sagittaria und Asociación Impulso Solidario
Sagittaria und Asociación Impulso Solidario Baden, CH
Lena Bühlmann

Project Overview

The Atlantic forests play a crucial role in the biodiversity and climate of the region and of our planet. The Mbyá’s entire existence revolves around the forest, and the way they treat it is highly sustainable. However, for quite a while now, the indigenous people have been driven out of the forest by large landowners. Your donation will help repurchase the forest, so that it stays in the Mbyá’s safe hands.

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