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Taking over Chäs Chäller

CHF 65

Altstadt Fondue Fixfertig for 4 people

All you need to add is garlic! Altstadt Fondue Fixfertig for 2 x 2 people


Planned delivery date

January 2023

Goodie limitation

unlimited availability

This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:

Taking over Chäs Chäller

A little cheesestore in the old town of Zurich

Chäs Chäller - Urban Food Store
Chäs Chäller - Urban Food Store Zürich, CH

Project Overview

We have this incedible chance to take over this small cheese store in the old town of Zurich. The Chäs Chäller - Urban Food Store is well known for it's Altstadt Fondue and big selection of raclette cheese and specialities, like Taucherli Schoggi and the vegan cheese alternative from Vegusto. With your financial support and our faithful customer base, we are confident that we can continue to run this store successfully.

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