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herbling by Ricola

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herbling Luscious Lemon

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. With this preorder, you can taste my juiciness. 1 herbling bottle 75cl Made with bio herbs


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herbling by Ricola

Let's have a drink! A naturally uplifting herbal experience

Ricola - Innovation team
Ricola - Innovation team Laufen, CH

Project Overview

Hi! I’m herbling, thirsty for your pre-order to help convince Ricola I’m worth producing. I’m a tasting journey of pure Swiss Alpine Nature, not an ordinary beverage nor dull as water. Non-alcoholic and low in sugar, I can delight and excite. An herbal blend that brings joy to your body & soul. The surprise you bring to a summer party, a thoughtful touch at the family brunch, a spirited companion to chill at the end of the day. Are you in?

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