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Dance studio in Geneva

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You'll get a session with a qualified therapist in Geneva. You can choose between: - Bach flowers: development and delivery of a personalized blend, follow-up - Aromatherapy: development and of a personalized formula, follow-up - Naturopathy: development and delivery of a personalized preparation, follow-up - Nutrition: a session to discuss and improve your eating habits


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This request is part of this crowdfunding project:

Dance studio in Geneva

Convert a warehouse into a beautiful body expression place

Akhtar Genève, CH
Association Akhtar
Association Akhtar Genève, CH

Project Overview

We want to create a space where dance enthusiasts - professionals or amateurs - can meet and enrich the practice of their art through these exchanges. Thus, we wish to establish a dance studio in Geneva that which will serve as a meeting venue, host our activities - conferences, workshops - and will welcome in optimal conditions Romandie artists who need a place to create or rehearse.

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