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Wildlife in Rainforest

CHF 60

‘I’m a rainforest saviour’ rucksack

Steal the show with the awesome ‘I’m a rainforest saviour’ rucksack! When you support us with 60 swiss francs you can pick up the rucksack in Zurich city. + As a 'thank you' we will put 'your name' on the 'thank you board' in front of the new hills that we will create with your help.


Planned delivery date

November 2019

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World Wide

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95x available

This offer is part of this crowdfunding project:

Wildlife in Rainforest

More Habitat for wild Animals in the Amazon Rainforest.

CHUCHINI Amazon Wildlife Eco Reserve & Lodge
CHUCHINI Amazon Wildlife Eco Reserve & Lodge TRINIDAD, BO
Miriam Hinojosa
Miriam Hinojosa

Project Overview

CHUCHINI is a protected area and situated on hills in the Amazon Rainforest. Every year during the rainy season the area is flooded for 6 months. The hills become islands. Unfortunately, the surrounding area is under treat by deforestation, poaching, agriculture and other illegal activities. The animals come from far away to have a rest on the islands. We want to build 20 small islands around the existing hills to give animals more space to live.

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