Success factor start

Success factor start

The most financially successful crowdfunding projects already involved their closest crowds in the project before the start of the campaign. Example: ‘St. Laurentius Craftbeer’ collected 50,000 CHF in five days or ‘A restart for Dario’ collected an outstanding 72,000 CHF in three days.

The following measures shall help you succeed:

Before the project: Give yourself enough time
- Use the project preview link to inform the people closest to you and ask them for assistance right from the beginning.
- Try to make your (limited) goodies appealing to your crowd in advance.
- Get your friends to support you during the launch by spreading the word about your project using their social media channels.
- Collect email addresses. Studies show that personalised emails generate the most boosts.

On the first day: Inform the people closest to you
- Be the first to boost your project, either anonymously or using a pseudonym. This breaks down the barriers for further boosts to be made.
- Publish news on the project page to inform everyone that signed up for the sneak peak of the project that the launch is near.
- Email your closest crowd to inform them that things are about to begin. Hold a draw, for example, for dinner for the person who donates the most on the first day.
- Organise a launch party and have your crowd boost the project directly on site.
It is very important for enough funds to be raised at the very beginning. Only then will people who are only acquaintances or complete strangers be willing to support you.

On the second or third day (depending on how your campaign is running): Be loud
- Start with social media
- Get your friends to advertise on your behalf.
- Publish project news.
- Carry out PR work
- Inform all contacts about the project, for example, by email.

Insight HTW Chur: if you get 30 boosts in the first two weeks, your chances of being successful increase to 97.5%.